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Help For Social Security Disability Claims

There are a diverse range of disabilities that can knock a person out of their job. Physical conditions could impact a person’s ability to perform physical work. Mental and developmental conditions could make many work tasks impossible. The medications a person takes for a disability could cause a person to be unable to concentrate at work.

What You Need To Know To File A Claim

When you can’t work due to a disability, it is vital to know your legal options. Some disabled individuals can seek federal disability benefits. Here at the Law Office of Dennis J. Thornton, we provide representation to individuals who are filing for disability benefits from the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

We also help disability sufferers who are seeking Supplemental Security Income benefits. We serve disabled individuals in Hayward, California, and throughout the East Bay Area. We help with a range of Social Security Disability matters including denied claims.

Appealing A Denied Claim

Many SSDI/SSI benefits applicants face initial claims denial. It is common for individuals who have received such a denial to be very concerned about the future of their claim.

We Understand The Process And How To Help

There are various appeals levels for denied claims, including reconsideration requests and administrative law judge hearings. Our firm is very knowledgeable on the rules and processes of the various disability appeals steps. We can help you understand what appeal options you have. We can also provide you with guidance throughout all the stages of appealing a denied SSD benefits claim.

One thing that can be challenging in disability appeals is getting the right medical evidence. Lack of insurance and other circumstances could limit a person’s access to medical records. We help clients who are facing such limitations by understanding their situation and addressing the challenges such limitations can create.

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